PNV also contributes to your overall development

We are more than our nervous systems

Experience has shown that returning to a more balanced neurological functioning is not a mere “mechanical” adjustment. It also entails rediscovering means to take action and to better manifest your aspirations, within your family or couple, or on a social, professional, and sometimes even spiritual level.

Carine, once very shy and anxious, is now a blossoming young woman who was able to leave a corporate job she endured, in order to pursue studies she is passionate about.

Thibault, suffering from severe reading challenges, has a newly acquired ability to concentrate and fluidity which opened up the world of books he now happily devours.

Angélique managed to leave her husband, serenely ending a relationship in which she was stuck for years.

Practicing PNV is also, on a more human level:

  • Gaining better discernment
  • Better understanding your needs
  • Getting better at setting boundaries
  • Having more harmonious interpersonal relationships
  • Being more able to bring out your true self
  • Having the means to manifest your aspirations

The mechanical re-education of a functional disorder is accompanied by more global progress

Our team of PNV practitioners is particularly attentive to your experience throughout your training. It is important to be on the lookout for whatever may impact your progress in this endeavor—this includes the beneficial changes that may take place in your life and help your rehabilitation along, as well as the things that may hold up or impede your progress.

PNV thereby becomes a tool, in service of a person’s overall development.

With more accurate information, comes better discernment and clearer, calmer thinking. Life choices, figuring out your place within your family, friends, professional or school environments, become simpler and more evident.

People who practice PNV training frequently observe these more global benefits…