“My vocation is to help you take care of your nervous system, take care of you. Stress and anxiety are a natural part of life, but they shouldn’t take center stage — and they definitely should not get in the way of your enjoying a full and happy life! Restoring balance to your nervous system can help bring some often much-needed lightheartedness back into your daily life.”

Stemming from the works of Georges Quertant, PNV Neuro Visual Training is a highly effective method that regulates the nervous system through visual exercises, respecting each person’s pace as they restore balance and unleash their full potential.

Our nervous system orchestrates our well-being
Complex and meticulous, our nervous system’s extremely precise mechanics are the cornerstone of our health and well-being — but can easily malfunction, leading to numerous unpleasant issues.

PNV is aimed at all those who suffer from a dysregulated nervous system, such as people with:
– Attention, concentration, memory or learning difficulties;
– Hypersensitivities (emotional, social or sensory);
– Insomnia, migraines;
– Digestive or hormonal problems;
– Anxiety, depression, phobias;
– Burnout…
It is well suited for adults and children (from 7 years old).

First, our initial assessment establishes a picture of how your nervous system behaves.
A series of test-images is presented on our AxisVisio devices, and the brain’s basal nerve centers’ reactions — and their impact on daily life — are thus observed and measured in a painless, non-invasive way.
Then, if an adjustment proves necessary, rehabilitation is led by a PNV practitioner, through regular sessions of visual exercises.

Most nervous systems don’t function properly because they aren’t adapted to how we use them in our modern lives: they’re overstimulated and faced with chronic stress, emotional traumas, pollution, processed food, etc.
As a consequence, people become highly sensitive, develop anxiety, attention deficit, burnout, even digestive problems—and the list goes on. They go through life suffering, thinking it’s their lot. And that’s precisely the idea that I am fighting: it’s crazy to believe you have to suffer through living! It’s ok to take care of yourself and enjoy life.

PNV Neuro-Visual Training is also an exercise in personal development. I have seen its benefits first-hand as a client myself, and I’ve experienced how powerful it can be. I used to think I was asocial, riddled with anxiety, and none of the solutions I tried really worked. Discovering PNV was a revelation. It helped me readjust my altered world view and enjoy a more peaceful life. 
Enthusiastic about my own results, I decided to train and work with other people to support them in their journeys. That’s my contribution to a lighter, gentler life.

“I came to PNV to stabilize my body, mind, & nervous system because I was still struggling a few years after having a concussion. After doing just the first test session, I knew there was something here for me. I’m so happy that I stuck through the whole process because the shifts I experienced were powerful & worth it! 
After completing PNV, I feel much more calm and grounded in myself and don’t experience sensory overload in environments that used to be too much for me.
I regained control of being able to regulate my emotions and feel less overwhelmed by situations. 
I also stabilized my vision (specifically in my left eye) which prior to PNV required considerable effort to focus & created facial nerve pain. 
Overall, I feel more stable and just feel like myself again.
I’m so glad that I was referred to Sophie & her work! 
I highly recommend PNV because it really addresses your body and nervous system at a core level, so that you have powerful and lasting shifts in a way that many other modalities cannot offer!”
SHANNON, 32 years old

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